Testimonials for Alex McCann

I am so appreciative of the clients I have had the privilege to serve.

“At the time, of my injury at work, I had been employed for over 12 years in the telecommunications industry.  Because, I was relatively new in that department, (with high hopes like most in the field workers) I tried to work through the pain in my knee.  However, over time it only got worse.  My Attorney, at the time, (through no fault of his own) was not familiar with “big company policies and union rules”. In time, I was forced out of work.  Everything the company required me to do, I did and everything that happened to me by the company was not supposed to happen.  But, there I was sitting in my easy chair with a busted knee and no job and little hope for my family and myself.

Then I was guided to Alex and through him we had hope again.  I had found someone who truly knew what to do, how to do it through legal channels and he laid out a plan to do so.  He helped our family through a VERY stressful situation and made it much easier to deal with. Yes, the road was long and hard for my family and I, but Alex truly guided us every step of the way.  He took the time to listen to my questions and concerns and supplied us with meaningful answers.  I felt true confidence in his guidance and his experience to go up against “big corporate business”. For he knew the legal laws better than they did. It was amazing to feel like he was in complete control of everything.  In the end WE WON!  A true “David vs Goliath” story.  All I wanted was my job back and Alex did just that and more. I am truly proud to call Alex McCann my Attorney.  I am even prouder to call Alex McCann my friend. “

~ Richard

“I’m writing regarding my experience with an astonishing, astounding, honest , intelligent, professional lawyer Alex McCann. Before Alex took on my case he had a series of effective questions for me to answer to determine if there were any relevance to further pursue. This lawyer knows his business and he works with the people for the people (the little guys if you will) for being wronged in the working environment, from injuries to back wages.

Alex is thorough and honest in his approach and defense to get the maximum for his client. Alex is a friendly, spirited, family oriented, professional lawyer who gets the job done right for his clients. I really can’t say enough good about Alex McCann, he is the opposite of the awful stigma how lawyers are perceived. Don’t get me wrong, he is ferocious when it comes to standing up for his clients, but he does it with a smile, style and tenacity. He is “THE” lawyer you want on your side! Thank you so much Mr. McCann for all you’ve done for me and my family!”

~ JC

“Alex McCann was invaluable in providing me with knowledgeable and thoughtful legal advice and council during a very difficult time in my life. After devoting over 20 years to my career, I ended up with a life changing, work related spinal injury and multiple major surgeries. From day one I knew I was going to be treated fairly and honored by his devoted work ethics. He spent time answering my questions, phone calls, emails and was always professional and thorough. At times when the journey was challenging, his support and council kept me going forward.  I trusted in his unwavering commitment to bring justice to me and my case, which he did. He made a difference not only in my life, but my husband and children’s lives by being the best at what he does –  a trustworthy, professional attorney committed to success!  I will be forever grateful to you Alex- you truly are the best!”

~ Angela

“Few people I have met want to have a lawyer in their life. Sort of like going to a dentist; it’s good for you, but few consider it a vacation day. Alex McCann disproved all the negative connotations associated with lawyers in the first meeting. While my case would be difficult and trying, Alex was always there with a listening ear and compassion.

To me, Alex possesses a few strong points that have been lacking in other lawyers I have hired:

  • Attention to detail. You would think this would be a given, but it isn’t.
  • Alex doesn’t presume to know what you are going to say next.
  • He is able to break complex issues down into terms a common layman, like myself, can understand.
  • Follow through. If he says he is going to do something, he does.
  • Lacking in the general population, Alex displays empathy and is an excellent communicator.

Would I hire Alex McCann again? Absolutely!”

~ Clay

“I would recommend Alex to anyone.  Alex is undoubtedly the only attorney that has truly listened, shown me empathy, and offered helpful and professional guidance.  He has been on top of every problem I have had, and I have a very difficult case.  Alex responds to my questions or concerns so quickly, he has even responded to me on a weekend.  In my previous experience it could take weeks or no response at all from my other attorneys.  That is certainly not the case here, my only regret is that I did not find Alex sooner. I would absolutely recommend Alex McCann to any person in need of an attorney for their Workers’ Compensation case.  It is very hard to have your life turned upside down due to an injury at work.  But, it truly is comforting to have Alex on your side.”

~ Cynthia

“Alex is easy to talk with. He explained the law and my rights regarding worker compensation. He discussed all my options and then gave me time to decide what was best for me. My accident was life changing and he was very patient.  Calls and emails were returned promptly. My questions were all answered. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

~ Janice

“In 1999 I injured my back working for HealthSouth as a certified nurse. Alex McCann took on my case I had back surgery. I return to work then in 2002 I can no longer work as I required another surgery my back was never the same. Alex helped me receive weekly compensation as that was my only income raising three children by myself so I was so thankful and grateful for Alex and to this day there has been many times through the years where they stop payment and Alex was right on it when something goes wrong Alex fights for you I would be lost without him he is great wonderful lawyer I’m so thankful for him.”

~ Deborah 

“I met Alex McCann when our family of seven was on the brink of financial and emotional collapse. My wife suffered and injury at work. Tragically her employer denied her worker’s compensation claim. Fortunately a friend gave us the name of a great lawyer, Alex McCann. He became much more than her lawyer. Alex was a very caring and considerate lawyer who treated her more as a person with emotions and feelings than just a client. We were going through a rough time in our lives and he helped to keep us on our feet. Alex became the guiding light in our lives that saw us through these turbulent times, by winning my wife’s case and getting what was rightfully hers. Alex is truly more than just an everyday attorney! Just as things seemed to be back on track in our lives, I was hit with a life changing incident at my work place. Without hesitation I knew who to turn to for help. Alex was that person. My mind is at ease knowing that he is on my case. Alex McCann is the man!”

~ Donato

“I always aspired to become a registered nurse. That dream became a reality in 1997. Unfortunately, I sustained a workplace injury in 2003. This resulted in a herniated lumbar disc. This injury became progressively worse and I endured four unsuccessful surgeries. Not only did this change the course of my nursing career but it drastically changed the quality of my life. I was overwhelmed with doctor’s visits, medical bills and various unsuccessful treatments. The back pain became unbearable and debilitating.

I met with Alex and we discussed the situation and my options. I felt very comfortable. I am so pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Alex. Throughout my case he was quick to respond, made himself available and he was always patient in explaining the status and details/development of my case.

Alex did everything in his power to ensure that my settlement was fair and that it was an amount that we both felt comfortable with. I could not have asked for anything more. I commend and thank Alex for resolving what I felt was a hopeless situation and affording me a bright future.”

~ Gina