At the time, of my injury at work, I had been employed for over 12 years in the telecommunications industry. Because, I was relatively new in that department, (with high hopes like most in the field workers) I tried to work through the pain in my knee. However, over time it only got worse. My Attorney, at the time, (through no fault of his own) was not familiar with “big company policies and union rules”. In time, I was forced out of work. Everything the company required me to do, I did and everything that happened to me by the company was not supposed to happen. But, there I was sitting in my easy chair with a busted knee and no job and little hope for my family and myself.

Then I was guided to Alex and through him we had hope again. I had found someone who truly knew what to do, how to do it through legal channels and he laid out a plan to do so. He helped our family through a VERY stressful situation and made it much easier to deal with. Yes, the road was long and hard for my family and I, but Alex truly guided us every step of the way. He took the time to listen to my questions and concerns and supplied us with meaningful answers. I felt true confidence in his guidance and his experience to go up against “big corporate business”. For he knew the legal laws better than they did. It was amazing to feel like he was in complete control of everything. In the end WE WON! A true “David vs Goliath” story. All I wanted was my job back and Alex did just that and more. I am truly proud to call Alex McCann my Attorney. I am even prouder to call Alex McCann my friend.