I’m writing regarding my experience with an astonishing, astounding, honest , intelligent, professional lawyer Alex McCann. Before Alex took on my case he had a series of effective questions for me to answer to determine if there were any relevance to further pursue. This lawyer knows his business and he works with the people for the people (the little guys if you will) for being wronged in the working environment, from injuries to back wages.

Alex is thorough and honest in his approach and defense to get the maximum for his client. Alex is a friendly, spirited, family oriented, professional lawyer who gets the job done right for his clients. I really can’t say enough good about Alex McCann, he is the opposite of the awful stigma how lawyers are perceived. Don’t get me wrong, he is ferocious when it comes to standing up for his clients, but he does it with a smile, style and tenacity. He is “THE” lawyer you want on your side! Thank you so much Mr. McCann for all you’ve done for me and my family!