I met Alex McCann when our family of seven was on the brink of financial and emotional collapse. My wife suffered and injury at work. Tragically her employer denied her worker’s compensation claim. Fortunately a friend gave us the name of a great lawyer, Alex McCann. He became much more than her lawyer. Alex was a very caring and considerate lawyer who treated her more as a person with emotions and feelings than just a client. We were going through a rough time in our lives and he helped to keep us on our feet. Alex became the guiding light in our lives that saw us through these turbulent times, by winning my wife’s case and getting what was rightfully hers. Alex is truly more than just an everyday attorney! Just as things seemed to be back on track in our lives, I was hit with a life changing incident at my work place. Without hesitation I knew who to turn to for help. Alex was that person. My mind is at ease knowing that he is on my case. Alex McCann is the man!